Brooklyn Bridge

A really cool thing to do which is actually free is walk the Brooklyn Bridge! At night...

Its amazing so long as your not scared of heights. Walking up the bridge is such a nice experience at night as you can appreciate the New York city lights and feel at ease with all the other tourist's doing the exact same thing and taking lots and lots of photos. The bridge itself is pretty cool, its one of the oldest bridges in America and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and if i remember correctly it took 14 years to make! The wires or rods whatever you call them look really good in the photos emphasising your on a suspension bridge. You're very high up and cars drive underneath you, or they can be sitting in traffic either way there are cars underneath.

Most people, me included only walk half way down the bridge and then turn back as otherwise you can end a million miles away from where you need to be. You can walk across the bridge anytime of day but the best idea would be to go just before sunset so you get to see the views in the daylight, then watch the sunset and then view the skyline at night so you can see the city lights reflecting into the sky.

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