Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York is magical. Its the perfect time to visit as not only does it look exactly like what you see on TV but its cold and that helps give the wintery feel. It snows pretty much every year in December in New Year and that just adds to the christmas effect.

We visited New York in 2016 and was there to celebrate christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day. New York was everything I expected and so much more. When in New York you don't mind walking and for me I was so happy experiencing Christmas in New York it was kind of like a dream.  Everything was perfect, wherever you walked it was decorated beautiful and you can always smell hot food cooking somewhere. Christmas brings people together, its a time for appreciating and giving.

The special part of being in New York for Christmas was the fact I was there with the only people I love unconditionally in the whole world. We celebrated Christmas together in style. Our Christmas day was unbeatable, nothing will come close.

To start the morning we woke up extremely early because I'm still like an excited child I like to wake early open my presents and drink ten glasses of champagne. So after opening our presents its the usual Christmas breakfast. Then to the basketball match, yes basketball on Christmas day in Madison Square Gardens. The atmosphere and the game was so fun and felt so american it was a great experience. Then next stop back to the hotel to get showered and back out. Now its Christmas dinner time. Michelin starred american meal coming up. It was disappointing but the company was the best and thats all I care about. Then straight to the theatre on west end, we watched Chicago. Then finally we returned home and toasted to the best Christmas ever. 

Some factual bits
  • Taxis are double time but there isn't any traffic on the road so you get everywhere super quick
  • Madison Sqaure Gardens is a must on Christmas Day the atmosphere was so hyped and everyone was extra happy. Its very busy and look out for celebrities! (Its a basketball game)
  • Watch a show in the theatre. Make sure to check out Groupon as you might find some great deals.
  • Booking your christmas dinner well in advance as everywhere gets fully booked super quick
  • Make sure you go to the rockafella tree on Christmas eve, its magical.
  • If you want to go clubbing Boxing Day evening is the time, everywhere is so busy.
  • You have to pay tax in America so don't forget however much it is on the menu it will be $10 more

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