Barcelona for the weekend is always a good idea especially with your mom.

We visited for an extra-long weekend and it was lovely although we didn’t have good weather in fact we had the complete opposite, storms! But it was January and we were expecting that so we were prepared with our coats and hats Barcelona is such a lovely place it has everything you could want from a holiday, if you want somewhere close to England its perfect.

You have a long golden sandy beach right in the heart of the city or if you fancy somewhere less popular you can take a local bus to the outskirts and find a beach down there. You have Spanish restaurants galore which is obviously wonderful to try local cuisine.  They all compete with one another so you can often find great deals at the top places. But whilst in Spain you must try Tapas and Sangria, I had it on the first night and every night after. It’s delicious I just love everything about Spanish tapas. It’s the best place to watch traditional Spanish dancing there are so many flamenco shows check our groupon for really good deals.

You can spend ages walking around and admiring the architecture and learning about the history. Barcelona has many tourist attractions; there is always something to do and something going on. You can find rural area and mountains not far from central and then of course the usual city life with many shops and bars. Your time in Barcelona can be spent however you want to spend it. Barcelona can accommodate for the whole family.  Barcelona is the best.

 Ranking: People: lovely use to tourist's, very busy, multi-cultural
Food: Variety, lots of sea food and set menus
Expense: Average
Attractions: Roof top bar at the W hotel, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guel, Gothic Quarter, Amusement park at Tibidabo, Cable cars
Transport: Metro's very accessible and frequent

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