Two girls six nights = party, sleep, eat and repeat. Oh and sight see, and moan about the heat.

Dubai is perfect for anyone and everyone. You have such a variety of things to do places to see. The heat is extremely hot and impossible to tan if you’re like me. My skin never tans with dry heat instead it remains pale and white, not even a touch of red.

Dubai has air conditioning everywhere so when you step outside your blown away by the heat, but it is bearable. We stayed at Dubai Marina which was perfect for us as we love a good balcony photo. The beaches however I wasn't too keen on the public beaches they are quite dirty and the sea isn't very deep. The private beaches where you have to pay are lovely but of course you have to pay and then can not take any liquids or food in. So its an expensive day by the beach with the shallow sea.

But the skyline view whilst in the sea makes it worthwhile...

Don't forget your ID to go to the beach as we did, you will be turned away from the beach clubs unless you have a copy of your passport on your phone which we luckily did. Taxis are the same as England prices so we opted to get Taxi's everywhere.

Things To Do

Desert Safari Dubai best to go on the evening when the sun sets, belly dancing, camel rides, sand surfing.
Burj Khalifa expect long ques but the views are worth it
Saffron Brunch Club at the Atlantis hotel on the palm. Eat and drink as much as you want!
Dubai Fountains which are outside the Dubai Mall and are completely free to watch. Get there early before the show to get a good view its extremely busy.

Things Not To Do

Wear a short dress with high heels through Dubai Mall (we were looking for the Burj Khalifa and didn't realise it was in the Dubai Mall.
Get a taxi when there has been a burst pipe on the motorway (we sat in traffic for 2 hours)
Believe the people in market shops that they are selling shisha pipes for the best price, there not. The local supermarket sells for cheaper.
Smack your friends bum jokingly out of habit and have everyone across the street stare for a good 10 minutes.
Don't slip over and hurt your knee because you slipped on a puddle in your bathroom at the hotel.

Food: You can find a variety of food but mainly middle eastern
Expense: Very expensive, but if you’re a girl they have ladies night where you can drink for free, look on Groupon for deals before you go
Attractions: Everything is an attraction
Transport: Metro's very accessible and frequent

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