Friday I went to Aluna the cocktail bar in Mailbox, Birmingham. I spent ages going through this really cool menu of loads of interesting cocktails to decide I couldn't decide what drink I wanted. So I opted for the Aluna special (ignited, smoked and exploded) as I thought that would be cool to watch, taste and drink. Oh please. The bar tender starts making this drink and I'm just thinking he's going to make it smoke now, he's going to add something extra special.

 No, he didn't. Then he try to give me this pink half a glass of martini cocktail. I asked where is the smoke, and ignition? He said this cocktail doesn't have that. So I showed him the menu where it states it does. He acted confused and asked me if I still wanted it, to that I replied no. 
& then ordered my usual porn star martini....I've rarely met a cocktail I don't like...
Atmosphere: 4
Drinks: 5
Venue: 6