Jamaica is a must for everyone don't get me wrong i was a bit worried before going thinking it wouldn't be catered for tourists but it is. Infact there was lots of police patrolling the streets and tourist guides on Montego bay strip. We ventured from the hotel numerous times and I loved it. Hot weather, Reggae music, Amazing food and the beautiful Sun and Rum! Heaven! My favourite drink is dark rum and I was in my element. The night clubs are such a happy place where everyone is so happy and dances the night away either together or in groups. After the club you can get amazing street food which is so cheap yet so filling and it really helps the locals.

When you get a taxi they do round trips so they give you a mobile phone and you call them when you want picking up, madness. Weed is legal so that's smoked everywhere and of course Bob Marley will be blasting everywhere you go.

Things To Do

*Party catamaran to Dunns River Falls (so much fun, free alcohol party on the boat beautiful water fall the guides take as many photos as you want, delicious jerk and dumplin lunch, snorkelling and sea the colourful fish)

* Day trip to Negril then visit Ricks Cafe which is famous for the cliff diving. Yes I jumped but not from the highest point I was too scared

*Luminous Lagoon - only a few in the world watch the sea light up as you jump in and swim around - if you dare, I did!

*Margarita Ville we walked to Margarita vile from our Hotel this is a beach club with a high slide, trampoline in the sea and very strong cocktails they also screen the football. You have to buy a drink to enter the beach club but its worth it.

* Pier 1 - on a Friday night - WOW. Open roof club on the water with a bar in the middle with the best music including basement, dancehall and RnB. Everyone's so happy. To begin with when you enter I was nervous as the sign said: No weapons, No Drugs, Be Happy... But I LOVED IT.

*Margarita Ville - on a Saturday Night, we found most the hotel guests in this club the young ones anyway.

*KFC - you have to try as they don't do KFC like at home. The chicken is literally bbq'd

*Scotties - Authentic Jamaican Jerk food

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