Carters of Moseley

He strikes again, another fabulous evening out. Every foodies dream. This is my favourite restaurant to date.

Be ready for 8pm he said, I was rushing around as I got home later than planned. I didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing are we going to a club, or are we going for grub? Whatever I played it safe I wore something in-between high waisted jeans and a nice evening top. But once arriving I wished I wore normal jeans or trousers that stretch as we were going for food and lots of it! Jackpot.

We literally drove down the road and pulled up outside the local chemist, now I was confused we were parking and I had to get out the car as we had arrived. Then I realised the house next door well what I thought was a house and had never noticed before was actually a Michelin Stared Restaurant. We had arrived at Carters of Moseley, Birmingham. What a good surprise.

We entered, the restaurant is small and narrow you can see directly into the kitchen where the chefs are working their magic. It’s a set menu so everyone has the same and of course the restaurant was fully booked as the waiting list to dine here is arm’s length.  We were seated and they asked is this a special occasion and it felt so nice to actually say no it isn’t for any occasion. It’s nice to just visit nice places all throughout the year and even nicer places on special days. 

This was my second Michelin Starred Restaurant and who would have known it was so close to home. We had around 6 dishes I think and several glasses of wine/beer. I loved how the waiter/waitress explained what you’re eating and why they chose those flavours it really made the dinner date a fantastic dining experience. I loved every dish apart from the ‘Grouse’ dish as it was such a peculiar strong taste, I still ate it though. I will try everything at least once.

After we had finished the head chef actually came out and introduced himself which was so lovely. This restaurant is expensive but it’s well worth the money and you’re basically eating your money so think of it that way it doesn’t make you feel as bad when you hand over the £250.

I would definitely return and recommend to everyone, loved it.


Atmosphere: 7
Food: 10
Venue: 7