Come Dine With Me

New round, with a new winner and a new prize.

So obviously I always like to set the standard so I went first. The real reason is because I like to get it out the way so then for the next 3 weeks I can just enjoy being fed instead. We all had to choose a country and then cook food from that country. I chose France as everyone loves French food. Now to think of my menu. It didn’t take long I’m always full of ideas. I chose chicken instead of duck because I don’t like duck so there is no chance in me cooking something I don’t like.

Starter - French onion soup served with rustic bread
Main - Garlic mussels in a creamy white wine sauce , chicken d ‘orange with potato gratin & petit poi
Desert - Crème Brule

It all went very smoothly and as France is the creator of Champagne we also had a bottle of that. Bonus points dur!

I was very pleased with how the food tasted it was delicious and there was enough for everyone to have seconds. It’s so crazy how when you cook at home your money can go such a long way in comparison to paying for a meal out.

So the evening all went well and next Wednesday we have the next round, but it’s not going to be better than mine!

My Rating
5/5 as i cooked it duh!