Come Dine With Me

Next round, Shaquinas round.
Well after me setting the standard last week I know it was a hard to match and I could tell that from going to Shaquinas.

When we first entered the table was laid really, really nice and there was some Indian music as I think that was her country she didn’t really make it clear so I think it was an English styled Indian. Our starter was homemade onion bharjis with shop brought dip and they were lovely I must find the recipe and try and make some of them myself. Then for the main meal and no joke she tried to starve us all with chicken drumstick I don’t know what she was thinking, minus points for that. With rice and some sweet potato. But although the portion size was small it was very tasty and what’s the word, succulent.

After lots of prosecco and laughs and just general catching up we had the best part of the night, desert. Chocolate concrete and custard.  Homemade of course and it was so nice I loved it. I haven’t had chocolate concrete in years it reminds me of school. The evening was great and it all went to plan.

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