Restaurant Name: Damascena
Location: I visited the Moseley branch but their is also a restaurant in Harborne and the City Centre.
Time Visiting: Brunch

Cost: Varies £10-£13

I wanted breakfast after a heavy night out and of course everyone else had the same idea in Moseley, Birmingham. So instead of waiting for a table at Lewis's we decided to go grab a coffee. We entered Damascene not expecting anything as had never been there before and no one had really mentioned it. It was an Arab/Moroccan coffee house and as soon as you step inside it’s as if you have been transported to the middle east.

What a find, it was so small and cute with super friendly staff and such a nice relaxed, happy atmosphere. If the weather is nice there is even an outside seating area but its first come first serve and when we visited it was super busy. The menu has lots of options and plenty of vegetarian options. You can order so many different types of tea here it was lovely. It really had the middle east feel and this was reflected in their menu.

The price was cheap the venue was nice and the staff were welcoming what more do you want on a Sunday morning, will definitely be returning.

Location:  133 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Atmosphere: 5
Food: 7
Venue: 6

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