Duck and Waffle

Restaurant: Duck and Waffle
Location: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Time Visiting: 4am for breakfast
Cost: The average dish is £20-£25

Us waiting for the food
Duck and Waffle, London. Trust it to be my first time here at 4am in the morning after having one to many cocktails as usual. I loved everything about this place how cool is it that there’s somewhere you can visit 24 hours for food in a high end venue! It’s in the same building as the famous Sushi Samba but you get a different lift to the restaurant. The lift in itself is like a ride you go up in a glass elevator and you can see out over the whole of London it really is high up and your ears pop. If your scared of heights you will not be able to get the lift. 

When you enter the restaurant you walk first into the bar area and the décor is brilliant it’s so quirky and pretty. The bar area is always very busy and if your waiting for a table it’s always nice to be able to have a drink at the bar. The best idea is to book a table if you know what time you’re going to turn up. Somehow we managed to book our table for 4:30am and the restaurant was busy like come on how is that even possible.

I was mesmerised by the skyline and we had a really good table, a booth in the middle of the room. As the name suggests everyone ordered Duck and Waffle but apart from me. I was the typical person to choose something else and to this day I still don’t know what I ordered it looked like scrambled egg. I loved going here to end the night it just made my London nightlife experience ten times better.

I have also visited again several times with no alcohol in the system and I can say the dinner menu and breakfast menu are delicious as this time I could taste the food. Again the atmosphere and ambience was fab. 

Everyone should go here it’s not too expensive, the views are great and it’s nice to do something crazy like having breakfast at 4am in bustling London!
4am selfie
The view from the restaurant

Atmosphere: 7
Food: 5
Venue: 8

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