Hakkasan, Mayfair

Restaurant Name: Hakkasan
Location: 17 Bruton St, Mayfair, London W1J 6QB
Time Visiting: Early evening

Cost: ££££

Chinese Tapas
As it’s my Birthday I was being surprised again. I love surprises but yes I always try to figure them out. Cut a long story short were in London and I’m told to dress nicely. Nicely? What does that mean, does that mean a dress and heels. 

Does that mean a formal dress or does that mean nice clothes but no makeup. That is no help to, so finally I decide to wear my makeup, dress and heels why not it’s my birthday, were in London and I know we will be doing something nice.

The taxi pulls up outside what I thought to be a Victorian house. To then realise actually it’s a restaurant and as im a foodie this is always the way to my heart. The Hakkasan. A very well-known Chinese Michelin starred restaurant. Eek we enter and its beautiful. There is a DJ playing the typical musical house instrumentals and lots of people standing around the bar. Its very busy, thank god we have a table booked.  As the table isn’t ready we have a drink at the bar and as always it takes me half an hour to even decide from the menu what I want to drink, so many choices and they all sound so good.

We take a sip and then we are seated. In the corner near the door so I can see the whole restaurant I’m nosey and a people watcher so it was the ideal spot. The tables are slightly close together which doesn’t give you much privacy but whatever I at the Hakkasan. We choose from the menu and of course Josh has to order something with Truffle, but he hit the jackpot he had Truffle Duck which is two of his favourite things. Our food came, we ate, talked, laughed and really enjoyed the night. The atmosphere was great, food was great and the company could have been better.. Joke he is the best company forever and always.

Truffle Duck
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to visit somewhere fancy, tick another Michelin starred restaurant of the list and isn’t in a rush.


Atmosphere: 10

Food:   9.5

Venue: 8 - the seats are very close together

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