Welcome to Miami

Miami beach is just miles of white sand, warm white sand under your feet. The sea is like a warm bath, the sea is so warm. Its so relaxing, but then there is the Miami waves. I love jumping through the waves but not everyone does and the waves in Miami can be strong. (so much fun) You will see plenty of people on jet skin's bombing it back and forth, and nightclub advertisement's on big balloons in the sky. The best sun cream I have ever used is an Australian brand which is ever so cheap in America and they sell it in the local shop. Australian Gold - smells like heaven (if heaven had a smell)

Biscayne Bay - where all the American condo's are we were lucky enough to be invited to a yacht party which was so much fun. Although I got 12 mosquito bites on one leg from waiting outside near the water for a taxi. Bad idea.

Then we caused a crash, you can't flag down taxi's but that didn't stop us. We flagged down a yellow cab and he drastically indicated left and braked. The car behind didn't judge it very well and pushed the break to slow, meaning the car behind went into the back of the car which was too slow to push the break. We got into the taxi and drove off...

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