Restaurant Name: Rofuto
Location: Park Regis 160 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DT
Time Visiting: Early Evening

Cost: ££
Note - This restaurant has now closed.

Japanese Tapas
It’s the weekend so of course us being foodies that means one thing. Time to go for more food. This time we chose to visit Rofuto Japanese high end tapas type bar in Birmingham, City centre. The restaurant is on top of the Park Regis hotel so it overlooks the city and you can admire the bright city lights whilst dining.

As soon as you enter after stepping out from the lift the restaurant amazes you as it’s so spacious yet very detailed. It’s beautiful and when we visited there was literally no one else inside which meant it didn’t have the best atmosphere but at least we got great customer service. I didn’t know what to expect with the food as its Japanese and there wasn’t any sushi on the menu. Instead the menu seemed Asian in general but either way I chose my dishes and was very impressed. The lamb was delicious and the cocktails were super nice too and looked really cute.

Banana and chocolate cake
As you can tell I was happy with the choice of restaurant and glad we visited. During the night of course I had to go to the bathroom and the toilets were indescribable. They were amazing I had never seen such nice toilets they were so fancy and gold. When I returned back to the table I told Josh he must go and visit the bathroom, funny how it’s always the little things.
You can park for free if you’re visiting the restaurant and the menu price on average a dish is £8 and you will need a few dishes to share. Drinks are £10 and pudding is £10. There wasn’t an atmosphere but the venue was beautiful, staff friendly and food tasted great.

Atmosphere: 9
Food: 9
Venue: 9

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