Round 1 Come Dine With Me

We always try to do things outside the box and what better way than doing our own come dine with me. It saves us money as normally we would go out for a meal which would be a minimum of £20 per person and this way it costs £25 per come dine with me ingredients as we set a budget and have to stick to it.

We score after every meal and do try very hard to win but at the end of the day the best chef always wins. This is such a fun idea and to kick of our come dine with me we started in pairs. First up was Jade and Indea and they chose to do a Thai Night.

To start we had fish cakes which were made and cooked in front of us which is always nice, points for being top chefs and confident. Then of course we had the famous Thai green curry which was delicious and there was plenty of food to eat as I love having seconds.  Then red velvet cake to finish apart from we had to wait and watch them ice and decorate the cake as they were running behind schedule, point knocked off.

The dinner was lovely, presentation was superb and the company was fab. Round one was a success. To read about round 2 click here.