Valentines weekend and of course I was expecting well let me re phrase that, hoping for something nice. But our weekend in Shropshire was literally something girls dream about. Its always exciting when its a surprise too. So I woke up on February 14th and went to work just like any normal day. Then half way through the day my colleague walks over to me with a huge box in his hand, I was thinking its not for me it must be a delivery and he doesn't know where its going or something work related. Anyway cut a long story short the box was for me and as I opened it out flew a giant balloon. I was embarrassed but also touched at the kind gesture. On the card which came with the balloon it said "read the note under your pillow". So now I'm baffled had I slept the whole night with a note under my pillow and I just didn't notice? That's impossible I'm the queen of fidgeting. 
I couldn't wait to get home I was so excited especially as it was Friday too. The whole weekend to celebrate valentines. Everyone always says Valentines is rubbish you should love your partner every day well that I agree with. But if there is something else to look forward to, and another day to celebrate something and have a good time I'm all for it. So i love Valentines day. 

Anyway, I run up the stairs into my room and look under my pillow and there it is cutely folded a note from Josh. The note read "Pack some warm clothes were going away ill pick you up at 7pm" Excitement rushed through me as I frantically packed my case with everything I could think of that's stylish, sexy but most importantly warm. I had an hour left, I applied my makeup and then decided to make some food to bring with me on the journey. I hoped we wasn't going for food but I have a really big appetite so I would always have room for more food, I'm unstoppable.  

Josh arrives, with a beautiful bouquet of roses seat belted into my seat with all my favourite sweets in the side door.  I jump in overwhelmed with happiness and love and off we go. 
A few hours later and were still driving its getting dark and all I can see is country side and mountains. The surprise clicked, we were staying in a cottage somewhere in the country. So romantic. 

We had a cottage in Shropshire and it just so happened that Valentines 17 was more cold then usual so thanked I packed the thermals. The drive was very long but scenic to begin with until it got dark which happened so quickly. After having to stop for directions because the signal went so that was the GPS sat nav out the window we arrived.

The cottage was beautiful, big wooden beams, open fire beautiful surrounding land. Fields for miles. It was just us in the middle of the mountains. Josh was prepared in he strolls with bags of shopping good job as I didn't fancy walking to the nearest corner shop as the corner is miles away.

The cottage had a huge open fire which was suppose to come with fire wood but the owner had forgot so into the garden we went to find some wood to burn. As it was cold and wet the wood took forever to burn which was a nightmare but we got there eventually. We sat in front of the fire and watched the  flames crackle and glow.

Then the next morning it was literally something out of movie, I woke up opened the curtains and all I saw was a blanket of white across the garden. It had snowed, and the cottage being in the mountains looked beautiful like a painted picture. I was even more excited now, not only was this the best surprise ever but it had also snowed and looked so romantic.  Day of exploring and walking in the snow it is.

The weekend was perfect and Shropshire was fantastic for anyone considering visiting I highly recommend staying out in the mountains. Its nice to be away from the city life, hustle and bustle and just relax and have quality time. 

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