Tenerife is always a good choice, as it never really gets cold. It’s not so far on the plane and as its in Europe everyone speaks perfect English, like home from home.  I’ve been several times and always stay in Las Americas as I like the strip its cheap enough and the local beach is considerably nice.

Las Americas isn’t for people who like high-end restaurants or bars. Its for the people who don’t mind wearing flip flops in the club and then loosing there flip-flop because its stuck to all the alcohol on the floor and you’ve walked off with no shoe. It’s for the people who want to get drunk of cheaper alcohol or splash out and buy bottles at Papagayo the only ‘higher’ better beach club.

The beach is a typical English styled Spanish beach aka clearish sea and dark brown sand, but at least its sand right! You can go on different excursions my favourite being the typical hire a jet ski for a few hours. But if your lucky like I was or maybe unlucky, I drove the wrong way and found dolphins but at the time I was having a panic attack as I thought I was going to go down in history for the Brit who got eaten alive by sharks.

The food places to eat are nice and pretty much all similar a few places do shisha and some have traditional dancing. Tenerife is great for everyone couples included. You can have fun in the sun and go for a drink or go for a long walk and then watch the sunset on a bench whichever floats your boat.

From Birmingham Tenerife is 4 hours away on the plane and is always warm even in November and December (those are the coldest months) but its still sunbathable!

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