The Alchemist.

why go for a boring drink when you can go to the alchemist and get something fancy instead? 

You can buy wine, beer or spirits but the Alchemist is known for there extraordinary cocktails which fizz, bang, smoke, change colour, change taste, bubble or even disappear (that happens when someone takes your drink without you looking). The cocktails are worth the money especially if you buy something which comes with the dry ice, smoke it takes over your whole table which will make everyone ask you what you've brought because they will want it.

You can get cocktail sharers which come in all different shapes and sizes, we had a tea pot which was steaming. Then we had a martini which was a pink bubble bath as it bubbled and steamed. We also had a flavour tasting drink, colour tasting drink and popping candy drink.
The only problem is, the cocktails taste so nice you want more, and more and you can drink them like pop until you drop.