Tong Thai Dubai

After trying to google a restaurant for ages to go for dinner. We eventually found a Thai Restaurant not too far away. It was within a hotel of course and overlooked the streets of Dubai with big glass windows ceiling to floor. The restaurant was fabulous just what we wanted somewhere fancy before we went out dancing for the night.

As you enter the restaurant you are lead into the restaurant through a walkway where you can hear running water and smell burning candles. The waterfalls appear in front of you and lots of mirrors. It’s so pretty. Then you enter the restaurant and the ceiling is so high you feel like a miniature person walking into the restaurant. The tables are all laid out very elegantly and the waiters were ever so nice. We had a cocktail each and some lovely food.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone (so long as you like Thai food)

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 5
Venue: 9