Las Vegas on July 4th.

I had been dreaming of this moment ever since I could remember, celebrating my Birthday in America.

That’s the perk of being born on America’s Independence day – if you’re in America on the 4th everyone else is also celebrating so it’s just good vibes everywhere. I had always wanted to go to America and what better time than for my 21st Birthday. When it’s finally legal to drink alcohol in America. I was going to break myself in gently by hitting Vegas first. NOT I was going to go all out and have the best birthday ever. When arriving in Vegas I was still only 20 which was perfect as we arrived late so we literally slept and then in the morning I woke up on my birthday to a decorated hotel room and then we got our first American fry up breakfast.

We had the coolest hash browns, literally like stringy potato and fried strawberries I mean who the hell even thinks of frying strawberries and putting it with a fry up. But in America everything goes. We also had an enormous super shake and paid extra to keep the plastic stratosphere glass which meant we had an enormous beaker for all our alcohol we would be consuming when we pre drink.

We already had our tickets for our first night out on July 4th in Vegas for my 21st so the excitement was getting to much. We were going to see Chris Brown perform at the Drais Nightclub. Chris Brown isn’t even aloud in Europe so this was gonna be amazing. But first a firework show especially for me, joke. But it did feel like it was especially for me, our hotel had a private firework show and it just so happens our suite looked out over the grounds where the fireworks were being set off. What a good start to the night, it can only get better. I love America and I’ve been here 48 hours.

I placed my first actual bet in a casino and it felt so good. I’m not one to like gambling or casinos or anything of the sort. But I am always one to try something once. So that is what I did I played on the slot machine in the casino within a hotel in Vegas. The first time I ever gambled was in Vegas how good does that sound! Anyway after spending far too much money, joking I spent £5 max. It was time to venture out into Vegas. Wow what a sky-high futuristic dramatic city everything I had expected but more.

Las Vegas is in the dessert so obviously it’s hot but I like the heat it makes your foundation go that nice dewy texture.

Restaurants, Casinos, Bars, Hotels just everywhere. This was tourist city everyone taking selfies, so much to see, eat and do. Just from walking 5 minutes down the famous Las Vegas strip I had fallen in love with the city.

Whilst in Vegas me being the ultimate planner that I am. I found a really cool short trip that we had to do. Hello it was a private flight over the Las Vegas strip. It was magical we arrived to the Helicopter pad in style, a limo of course. No joking everywhere in Vegas only provide Limos it’s like their taxis. Then we had a drink on arrival and then we were happily whisked away into our helicopter. The strip looks even better from the air with the city lights glistening underneath the sunset which we were flying over. This was the best day ever, it couldn’t get any better.

Of course whilst in Las Vegas we visited the super famous Grand Canyon and ticked that off our list. Apart from I got the dates muddled so on the one day I woke up like “I’m sure were supposed to be doing something today” then after checking realising we were half an hour late for our pre-paid coach pick up. Taxi it is to the next pick up point! It was a great day out we had to endure a long coach ride but it was worth it and we was just gossiping and doing what girls do so the time flew by. Then when we arrived at the Canyon no one on our tour had booked the same package. We had booked and paid prior to even leaving England, I like to have a plan.

We had chosen the helicopter option, of course the best option there is as your only going to do it once, and when doing it once you should always do it as best you can. The view from the sky was amazing and as it was such a clear day you could see for Miles, it was cool to have a birds eye view of the Grand Canyon and then to be able to walk alongside it.

Food: American and huge portions
Expense: Expensive as its America and you have to tip
Attractions: Everything is an attraction in Vegas
Transport: Metro's very accessible and frequent, Bus, Taxi or Walk that way you can see everything

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