3 Top Tips To Save Money and Stay Beautiful Naturally.

3 Top Beauty Tips For Holiday:
  1. Put coconut oil in your hair whilst you sunbathe, it looks greasy but once you’re on the beach everyone will think it’s wet from the sea – it works wonders
  2. File your nails and remove any nail varnish, your nails will get stronger and longer from the sun and sea
  3. Use the sand to exfoliate your feet. You can do this whilst sunbathing.

3 Top Tips To Save Money:
  1. Withdraw your spending money for the month and hide your debit cards (that way you can only spend what you have) – BUDGET
  2. Don’t buy food at work, prepare food at home and bring it in to eat.
  3. Don’t buy anything you don’t need, do not buy that new dress you saw online. 

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