7 days in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is close to home only 4 hours away and guaranteed sunshine. Again it was the cheapest place to travel too as the deal was very cheap. Hence the reason we were living on top of the mountain because we had chose the cheaper hotel. But as they say you would rather go on the holiday then not go at all.  As expected there isn't any culture and most of the bars are run by English people. But if sun sand and cocktails is what you want then I would recommend!

Like I said, we were on top of the mountains and we had a good trek to walk every day so without knowing it was like a fitness holiday for free without the pressure. Then being on the hill it also meant the best views of the city and the best sunsets. 

We stayed in Puerto Rico, which isn't the busiest area but their are nightclubs, bars and shisha lounges. We visited out of season so perhaps in summer time it would have been a lot busier especially for families with younger children.

We caught a local bus to Playa de Ingles which was a fun scenic bus ride but they do drive at 70 mph so hold onto your seat. Especially after a few cocktails you will think your on the dodgems. We visited here as the nightclubs(Pacha etc..) and bars were suppose to be better but as we visited out of season it wasn't very lively and the atmosphere was no different to the atmosphere in Puerto Rico. 

Our local beach however was a hidden gem. We discovered a beautiful beach by accident. The local beach is vile, literally horrible. But if you take a beautiful stroll up the mountain and follow it around you come to another beach which is so nice you could literally fool your friends and pretend your in the Caribbean. We spent a week here which was just long enough to explore and relax at the same time.

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