Cheapest place to travel - Dusseldorf it is.

Dusseldorf for a long weekend over Easter? 

So what is there to do in Dusseldorf? Not a lot believe me. Luckily me and my friends could go anywhere and have an amazing time. We found some cool nightclubs which played hip hop and pop music so we were happy (after having 3 tequilas each) The first night was great but then the second night I hadn't had many cocktails or German beers but I still managed to walk outside and pass out. Next thing I'm upside down in the bouncers arms and just typical both my friends decide to come to the rescue when its too late and there in hysterics at looking at me in the bouncers arms.

Yes, I had told them I didn't feel well I said I felt faint and sick. They just assumed I was being boring as I have a boyfriend. Pair of bitches. So I said no I'm serious and walked outside, next thing I know my knee is bleeding through my jeans and I had collapsed. What a sight! The English girl drunk and on the floor!

This was not the case I wished I was drunk so it wasn't as embarrassing!! I then literally hobbled to the taxi and moaned the whole way back.

We did as many tourist things as we could, drank beer spoke to some German people and tried to eat German sausage except we ordered the wrong thing on the menu and got a pork joint. Disgusting and I'm sure I spent my last money on that meal. We walked down the river rhine and went up the tower for a fab view point.

& of course we window shopped and got photo bombed as we was taking a rather obvious selfie. The local people were very friendly and the city itself was nice and clean. Dusseldorf is small but we didn't care we chose it as it was the cheapest destination to travel to next, and now I can say I've experienced Germany and drank German beer.

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