Parga is mainland Greece and not many people ever visit mainland.  I was working for Cosmos Holidays as a travel rep I had finally been selected from thousands of applicants and it was happening I was in Parga where I was going to be based all summer. But just my luck it was a small fishing village with nowhere to really socialise apart from 4 bars which in my eyes coming from a city was very boring.  But nevertheless I decided I would make the most of it as Greece is better than home right and I was getting paid and the other travel reps will be like me.

Oh great, to make things worse the sun never came out as we was there preseason so from 1st April onwards. It rained rained and rained some more. Some days would be warm enough for a flimsy jacket but there was no chance I’d get a suntan. I made friends with the other travel reps and they were all really nice. Then together we all made friends with the locals and they were like our second family.

As we didn’t start ‘actual’ work until May 1st we had a month to explore, learn and taste everything Greece had to offer. This was the best bit we also got to go on all the excursions so we could then sell the tours easier having experienced them.  Firstly, Parga beach is pebbles but the sea is such a deep blue It was mesmerising, if you wonder further afield you can find gorgeous sandy beaches. Local fisherman would sit on the harbour front all day long catching the fish for the restaurants, what a relaxing job. Parga is on the sea and all the restaurants sit looking out towards the sea, it’s a seaside village. The restaurants cook the best authentic tasty food and the Greek meze is my ultimate favourite.

We were in Parga for Easter which was such a lovely experience as the whole village meets at the church for the Easter special ceremony then lights candles and kisses one another it was so beautiful and touching this was my favourite part of my whole time in Parga.

Parga has beautiful secluded beaches and long steep walking treks, whilst on your walk you will find all sorts of amazing things from abandon churches to amazing viewpoints it really is breath-taking.

The best excursions to do:
Visit Meteoria
Island hopping around the Greek islands
A day trip in Lefkas
Discover the waterfalls

People: older generation as its a fishing village, majority of people stay for long periods of time 
Weather: Greece so warm throughout the year, Cold in winter.
Food: Lots of sea food as Parga is a fishing village and brilliant meze's
Expense: Average prices, lots of super markets, restaurants are all family run and compete with each other for better prices and food etc.
Attractions: The secluded beach and a walking route through the hills
Transport: Poor transport, best option is to get a taxi.

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