Thai Life 2013

16 days in Thailand, 4 destinations, 2 islands
First stop Bangkok.

When we arrived it rained which was unheard of for Thailand in April, we went for the Thai new year (Songkran) which was such a good experience of everyone having water fights in the street to wash away the bad. Thailand is so cheap its ridiculous you can live like a king in Thailand for so cheap, a main meal costs £3 approx. There are lots of mosquitoes and you need jabs to travel to Asia.

The below is - Kho San Road, in Bangkok. This road has lots of restaurants, street food and clubs. Its very lively at night full of backpackers and people trying to sell the ping pong show (google it)

After the first night out we were man down, so I braved it alone.
A day of exploring and site seeing

After staying in Bangkok ( we then got a coach which had no toilet or air con in the middle of the night to take us to the port, 8 hours away. We sang, played eye spy and slept until we arrived. Then we got a fast ferry which took us to the island of Ko Tao.

Ko Tao

We arrived at Ko Toa, a small island famous for diving. There were no big buildings or franchise restaurants which was fab, this was my favourite island as being on Ko Tao was literally like Thai life as nothing resembled England in any shape way or form. We stayed at
The beach parties started off calm, relaxed but ended up with me having 10 vodka red-bull fishbowls, 100 tequilas and 20 chang beers. One of the nights me and Sarah parted ways and i ended up at some underground Thai nightclub in the mountains and Sarah ended up lost in the jungle. I would go into detail, but i think i better not. 

Chang beer is the local beer, and the red bull in Thailand is some sort of legal high - its lethal.

The best thing is partying with the locals without a worry in the world. In Thailand there are travellers from all around the world the atmosphere is amazing. We scuba dived and the under water world is so colourful, i recommend that to anyone who visits Thailand the fish are enormous and so shimmery. The famous Thai massages are suppose to be superb if you like it rough. I don't, i like gently and soft. OMG what torture having a Thai woman walk all over my back and crack my neck. Never again, there is only so much twisting and smiling in pain I could do. 

Ko Tao to Koh Samui.

Island 2 Island.

Koh Samui is the larger island and a lot more westernised, there was a McDonalds and large supermarkets. When arriving at our hotel we were told the hotel is over booked  so typical another nightmare we then had to travel to there sister hotel. But once arriving we wasn't complaining. The hotel was paradise, all inclusive paradise. We had a huge room with an outdoor hot tub (which i didn't even use as we were so busy)

Our first night out and we discovered this island was home to the lady boys who were prettier then most woman. Scary. There were big nightclubs here which we of course loved and tried practically everyone. Who would have thought Thailand had American Grime?


Next stop to the mountains - Chaing Mai

Chaing Mai
Purely for the night markets and elephants

Got myself some right bargains as I'm a top haggler, a lovely gypsy bag which i still have and love very much. Some smuggler elephants which are for your keyring which you put drugs in and i never realised i thought they looked really cute and of course the famous elephant pants.

this was one of the best experiences in my life, the elephants are prickly not smooth as i once thought.Although i was scared to begin with but after a while i felt as if my elephant liked me (don't we all). But the lion kingdom which i now wish i never went to wasn't such a good experience, i felt so sorry for the animals as they were being drugged for tourism.

Whilst in Chaing Mai of course we checked out the local spot - Zoe in Yellow, which was again a fantastic night meeting people from al over the globe and having one to many fish buckets, literally. I was sick on the tuck tuck going home and crawled up the stairs - but it was so worth it.

Then another flight and were back to Bangkok, but this time we stayed in the cosmopolitan part near Bangkok Mall. 

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru


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