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Everyone is always asking me, Georgina what’s the best site to book a holiday.

Well it’s obvious always look at buying your holiday separate to begin with, and shop around.
The reason for this is the following:
  • Don’t waste money on paying for the middle man (travel providers take a cut of the money obviously)
  • When you book separately you pay for the room – which then means you can pay half if you’re going with friends etc. For example a room would cost £100 that means its £50pp as the room sleeps 2 people
  • Booking a flight separate means you can get the best flight times for your money, as you choose what flight you want. 

This works great in most of Europe but when you start going further afield its sometimes easier to get a package holiday. Depending on where you’re travelling too, if there are frequent flights booking separately will probably work out cheaper. For example Thailand package holiday start at £1000 but you could get it cheaper if the flight price is right, you have to shop around. Look at the hotel prices online and the flight prices and calculate it.

Flights are cheapest on a Tuesday, and at their highest on a Friday.

To compare flights use – (I swear by this site) broaden your search to everywhere to find the cheapest flights.

For a package holiday check out the below:

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