Happy Easter

As always whilst on holiday I had a brain wave well that’s what I thought it was. I decided I will do a family meal for Easter but not the usual family meal I had saw a lamb crown pop up on my Facebook feed and I wanted to do that. It looked good and I love lamb. So not knowing a lamb crown is so expensive I got a crown for £48 can you believe it I paid £48 for a lamb crown to then get it home and realise I could have made this myself for a fraction of the price. If you want to make a crown you get lots of lamb chops and tie them together basically. Never mind I had brought it already and once cooked and on the table it was worth every penny.
I cooked the meal it all went to plan apart from the desert as it was too fiddley and long winded and my hands are just to chubby for strawberry dipping in all honestly so I gave it a half-heartedly effort.

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