So instead of going drinking or partying for the bank holiday weekend we made the most of it and caught another flight to Europe. We went to Tenerife, I've been there twice before as it’s so cheap and hot. It’s as English as England, there is no culture or traditional Spanish food. But the price for hotels and flights are both superb, so we booked it before it got fully booked.

Whilst in Tenerife we went to Siam Park which is the water park in Las Americas where we stayed as it has all the nightlife. The water park was so fun it has a really scary drop down slide and my heart was pounding its 28meters high but I managed it, but only went on it once. You can't take your Go Pro down any slides so the footage is rubbish.

We went to the hard rock café and had dinner and cocktails which was nice and is also only a 15 min walk from Las Americas, do take a jacket the air con is too high.

Papagayo beach club was our best night in Tenerife. It’s on the end of the strip, Its dance music but it’s the posh club of Tenerife and really good you will be partying with the locals. Make sure you also dress up, not like me I ended up in their no makeup, my hair not styled and flip flops. Lovely. But after ten vodka red-bulls I didn't care and neither did anyone else. 

The sea in Tenerife is freezing I went to above my knee and that was it. To dam cold to function.

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