Bank Holiday in Manchester

Bank Holiday means one thing:
Different city with tequila on tap.

We didn’t know where to go, we just knew we were going to the city we love – Manchester. We had planned to go to Bijou but it was closed for a refurbishment so instead we headed down to Panacea. We were un sure to begin with as it was in the middle of nowhere and if we didn’t like it we would have to get a taxi elsewhere. But £25 each in and we made the right choice. This club was great it was very high end but you could wear whatever you liked as long as you looked good. Lads could wear peak hats. You have to go downstairs to the club as its underground with no windows. The bar layout is a rectangle with a long bar in the middle running the whole way down and a bar at the other end.

As it was bank holiday there was an event on called the clinic. It was fabulous the venue was decorated and the staff all looked amazing! You could get potions to drink and take photos with lots of props. I loved it. The music was amazing RNB all night. Having come from Birmingham you wouldn’t expect for a Birmingham DJ to be playing but never the less I loved the night. Best night out in a long time.

This club is expensive and we drank far too much and spent way too much. The tequila shots are huge and if you order rum you get a squeeze of lime without having to ask – superb. The crowd was how I expected a typical high end RNB crowd. But this was the best night out in ages because everything was so good, music, crowd, venue and staff!
 Shot of coffee patron = £12
Shot of tequila = £6
Double Vodka Redbull = £12
Double Rum and Coke = £12

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