Restaurant Name: Varansai
Location: Broadstreet, Birmingham
Time Visiting: Evening
Cost: £££

Varanasi is a city in India and also a fantastic restaurant in Birmingham City Centre, Broadstreet to be precise.

The menu price is very reasonable and the food is excellent. The menu has a selection of Indian dishes which are served in a fine dining style. But you can get your usual naan breads, poppadoms and chutneys too. There is a wide variety for vegetarians and if you have £500 to spend on one drink you can do that. The Jewel of Varanasi is £500 and the ingredients are: crystal brandy balloon and made with Hennessey Paradis, Grand Marnier, vanilla pods, quails egg, lemongrass syrup. Then shaken and served with an edible flower, black truffle shaving and 24 carat gold leaf. For people who don’t want to pay £500 for a cocktail you can choose from a variety of £10 cocktails  (mojitos, porn star, martins, champagne cocktails etc.)

The porn star is my favourite but be warned downstairs in the restaurant the cocktail is delicious, upstairs in the bar its tasted disgusting but I’m too polite to moan. It didn’t even look the same! The décor inside is brilliant as you walk in it’s a small space and then your lead under a tunnel with lots of Buddha’s and the sound of water splashing. You don’t feel like you’re on broad street from the moment you step inside the restaurant. The restaurant is huge, three levels loads of seats. The staff are nice and the toilets.

Food:  9
Venue: 10

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