Restaurant Name: Gaucho
Location: 55 Colmore Row, Row Lower Ground Retail, Birmingham B3 2AA
Time Visiting: Evening
Cost: £££

Gaucho the new Argentinian steak house in Birmingham. The décor was exactly how I expected it suave! I liked the fact you had to go down stairs to enter the restaurant which was below ground level so there were no windows . It created the atmosphere, the fairy lights around the tree inside were my favourite. The staff were very friendly and they explain the different types of meat to you which will basically end up making you have the steak (it is a steak house come on!)
I loved the glassware the champagne flutes were fancy and the tumblr glasses had patterns carved into them.

The restaurant is smallish, but when trying to book they tend to say they are fully booked when there not to give it an even more exclusive feel. The food price is reasonable but then they add the additional 12.5% service charge on which makes the meal a lot more expensive.  Service charge is optional but who asks to take that off? – not me unless it’s a really really bad experience. The wine menu is huge and the glass price range from £6 - £9.

Food:  9
Venue: 9

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