Pure relaxation, I’ve been to Cancun before which was anything but relaxing that was partying central. But this time we chilled. As soon as we stepped off the plane it was chucking it down torrential rain, this lasted for 4 days. Everyone back home were having a heat wave and posting photos and I was getting really upset. So I decide to enquire if we could move hotels to a different hotel in a different country – somewhere with sun… That got rejected as I thought.  I got through the 4 raining days and then it was a scorcher. Factor 50 wasn’t good enough for me I still managed to burn my face and literally look like hitch with my swollen eye. But my body is tanned and that’s the main thing.

The hotel Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda was a nice large complex 5 stars in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. You had to get a golf caddy type thing on the resort to get to one place to another. There was a beach party which included a foam party and calypso music. All different types of animals leaping out of the bushes – monkeys, raccoons, wild deer you name it.
There were a variety of restaurants but my actual favourite was the French restaurant, because of the layout of the restaurant you all sat around the chiefs and you could have unlimited champagne – perfect.

There were plenty of cocktails to choose from, weird and wonderful shots of tequila and loads of tacos. The beach wasn’t the best the sand felt like sinking sand and there was seaweed everywhere. But the breeze was good and that’s the main thing for me. In Playa Del Carmen there is a senior frogs, hooters and CoCo Bongo. Although I literally never left the site as there was so much going on. Our hotel was so busy but hardly any English – which is always a bonus.

If you travel to Mexico and want great nightlight you must stay in Cancun, if you want a relaxing break Playa Del Carmen will be perfect. 

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