The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel

It was a sunny day and for some reason there was a charity thing on at the local in Moseley. So we opted to try somewhere new where we could sit in the sun. Luckily I had decent clothes on not my normal gypsy Saturday attire. I had always wanted to try out the Edgbaston as the cocktails look really nice and the hotel itself has some super rooms – but very expensive.

So we bit the bullet and drove their. No parking, but luckily there was a space on the road outside.

When entering the hotel its lovely the décor is black and gold and a girl asked us what were here for. I explained we would just like a drink. We didn’t know there was an outside part so we hit the jackpot. The girl said I’m afraid you will have to sit outside on the terrace. We were very pleased we wanted to sit in the sun and it felt like Ibiza Ocean Beach with the garden furniture.

The cocktail menu is unusual and the drinks were delicious they also looked really impressive, so I recon everyone who goes definitely takes a photograph. The cocktails vary from £10 - £15 and you can get a glass of prosecco for £9. I would recommend this place to anyone as long as you are dressed appropriately.

Drinks:  10
Venue: 9

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