Afternoon Tea

Another weekend another afternoon tea.

Moms loves tea, I love champagne.
 We loved the Edgbaston Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon tea is always a good idea especially when you take your mom and she loves all types of tea. We visited the Edgbaston Hotel and as the name suggests it’s in Edgbaston but very close to town. It was very busy but after visiting I can see why. It was great from the service to the décor of the restaurant to the taste of the cakes.

We really enjoyed it. The finger foods were nice but what I liked the most was the use of dry ice to create smoke and the fun side where you have to guess what the smoke smells of. I got the answer straight away but my mom would have been there forever. The tea pot and china were so delicate and cute, and you can choose from a variety of teas. I chose a tea infused with vanilla and my mom chose the classic English breakfast tea. You also get a glass of champagne each, which is always nice.

Food:  7
Venue: 9

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