What a good idea, we left Birmingham at 2am in the morning, to watch the sunrise over the sea in Weymouth. We left and it was pitch black a typical cold winters morning and as we approached the south the sky and air began to warm. The sky was a deep burnt orange and as we were driving the sun was getting ready to rise. We arrived just in time at about 5:40am after a 3 hour trip. We scrambled up the rocks to get the best seat to watch the sunrise and then it happened out into the distance with the sky gleaming red, the sun was rising behind the hill. Then the sun was rising and it looked as if we could touch the sun it was that big. It was so romantic and cute. It was a breezy chilly morning but the air was fresh which is nice as you always appreciate the air at the seaside. 

After watching the sunrise it was time for the biggest breakfast possible, to the café it is. Spot for choice but we chose a typical authentic English café for a fry up. Then to make the day even better the sun came out and I fell asleep on the sand. Then if you know me, when I wake up I'm always hungry. So off to get some more food, yay! 

But did you even go to the seaside if you didn't have fresh fish and chips. The fish and chips we had was enormous we shared and still left half the fish but good job at £13 for a fish! I had such a wonderful day its so scenic and friendly in Weymouth a typical English seaside resort. There are traditional colourful beach huts, pony rides, crabbing and so many families.

Weymouth is great for the weekend, a day trip but not a week.


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