Cloud 23

Cloud 23 is in Manchester Deans gate within the Hilton Hotel. 

It’s on level 23 and we were staying in the Hilton but we still had to come back downstairs to the reception lobby to get a separate lift to the bar. On arrival you are greeted and taken to your seats, as we didn’t book we had a high bar stool in the middle with the window views to the right and the bar on the left. The ceiling was extremely high and there were balloons everywhere. 

 The menu to be honest wasn’t that great the cocktails didn’t sound that nice and were expensive. I chose the hundred thousand drink which actually didn’t come with any hundred thousand like it said on the menu. It was in a champagne glass and cost £13. A shot of tequila was £8 and you have to pay service charge. Which is annoying because we asked our waiter to take a photograph of us and he said yes sure ill come back and then he was never to be seen again.

 The atmosphere is nice, and there is house music (or something similar) in the background most people are very dressy but you always have the random people which aren’t. I’m glad I’ve experienced Cloud 23, but I’m not in a rush to go back.

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