How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Restaurant Name: Lewis's
Location:  2-4, St Mary's Row, Birmingham B13 8JG
Time Visiting: Brunch

Breakfast at Lewis's in Moseley nice and early on a Saturday morning. We queued for breakfast which is so not us, when we want food we don't do waiting around. 

But this time we waited a good 15 minuets. The deli looked cute and perfect for a cold Saturday morning. There is lots of options which i think are all reasonably priced, gluten free options and veggie/vegan options. The food tastes delicious and the presentation and service is fab as expected because i LOVE Moseley. Saturday mornings you also have the farmers market in Moseley which is cool to have a nose at the stalls but DO NOT buy the cakes which are actually savoury pie things because believe me the beetroot fake cake was grose and didn't go down well in our household. Next time we will get the doughnuts (everyone loves doughnuts)

We both had eggs Benedict with smoked bacon and i had a side of avocado. Then of course Josh saw someone eating something which looked and smelt amaze - so we ordered it too. The Mushroom bruschetta and of course we finished it all. Top Notch!

Food: 8
Venue: 5
Atmosphere: 8

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