Manchester for the weekend, its always nice when we visit a different city. Its exciting. Road trip!
We headed off fairly early to make the most of our trip to Manchester we hit some traffic but nothing major. But I enjoy the car journey anyway it means we get to catch up and keep each other updated with our busy lives and of course sing as loud as possible to our favourite songs.  I started the car journey with no makeup and by the time we reached Manchester I had a full face of makeup which was actually quite good considering Gab drives so fast I thought I would have taken my eye out with my mascara brush.

We checked into the Hilton Hotel which I must say was very nice, it had a pool, sauna and gym which is always a luxury and Cloud 23 was a lift journey away so we had already sorted where we were going for our first round of cocktails. Perfect, now time to chill, get some food and relax before our much needed night out.

As the day came to a close we were even more excited and began to get ready, take photos have a drink. The best part of the night is always the getting ready part. Two cocktails down with the city lights gleaming through the window, we think were ready to take on the world.

Out we go, first stop Cloud 23.  The bar was nice, but had no atmosphere so we downed our drinks and had two shots of tequila for the road. Then we caught a cab and ended up at menagerie. This place was amazing the venue was so nice with lots of cool quirky things that every girl wants to take a photo with to post on Instagram. So yes into the bathtub we went, don’t worry it wasn’t filled with water. Just soft play balls which gave it a fun twist. After our photo shoot and several more rounds at the bar we were ready to leave again although the music was really good.

Into a taxi and this time were heading to Bijou, a £10 entrance fee meant we were standing outside umming and arring about whether to pay or not. We paid, what a mistake. It was awful. The tackiest smallest, sweatiest club in the world. It looked and felt like a dungeon. So no need to say we left literally after one tequila shot, off we stumbled..

Next we ended up in Panacea you can never go wrong. It’s a hip hop club which is dress to impress and so boujee which is what we love. We danced the night away and had such a goodnight. Photo after photo, drink after drink, laugh after laugh, tear after tear but that’s another story for another day…

To conclude the Hilton Hotel in Manchester is lovely and the best place to go out is Menagerie and Panacea.

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