Menagerie Manchester

Menagerie has the best Menu ever (the illustrations and quotes)
When walking to get to Menagerie there is a bridge which is over water and is very photogenic so you will notice all the girls have the same idea – let’s take selfies. Its located in Spinning fields but when you arrive it feels like its in the middle of no where.

Its free entry and as soon as you step inside you will love it. The furniture and decorations are beautiful and really emphasis the theme. At first I didn't click with the theme I just thought it was something to do with birds as there were bird quotes on the wall and the booths were inside bird cages.

"Menagerie - a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition"

Its a bar and restaurant but on the evening their is a DJ who plays the recent chart music and old school hip hop. Their is cute balloons everywhere from the ceiling and confetti all on the floor. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone looks amazing but it isn't pretentious. The venue makes everything ten times better as you like being their and you literally want to photograph everything. 

This is the perfect place to dance the night away, people even dance on the tables! Its a medium size and towards the back its only booths so everyone dances at the front. Menagerie has a famous bath tub filled with colourful softballs which can always be found on Instagram. Its a really good idea as everyone takes photos in the bath and then of course everyone wants to visit to take the same photo. 

The drink prices are reasonable - two jäger bombs costs £11, two tequilas are £10, two double vodka's £19. 

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