The best tourist attractions in Birmingham

As someone who lives in Birmingham I guess I take my city for granted. If you’re a tourist and your coming to visit for a few days you will really enjoy it as there is lots to do not just in Central Birmingham but all over. Many people think when asked about tourist attractions always think of the attractions in the city centre but they forget we have cool and quirky suburbs with lots of character and tradition.

If you love shopping you can shop till you drop in Birmingham city centre, we have the famous Bull Ring which is an indoor shopping centre and then the new Grand Central Station has many quirky unusual shops. Or if you prefer designer you can visit the Mailbox and shop in Harvey Nicholls or Flannels just around the corner. Then of course you have all the high street names dotted about in central. Make sure you have comfortable shoes as you will need them!

Take a stroll down the canals at the back of Brindley Place and discover some of the cutest traditional pubs. Or go for a boat trip instead and watch the world pass you by whilst your next to the ducks. If you walk along the canal from town you could end up anywhere in Birmingham so make sure you have a good sense of direction or a map.

Visit a museum, Birmingham has a lot to offer. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Museum Collection, Think Tank Museum, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Blakesley Hall Museum, Blakesley Hall Museum, Sarehole Mill Museum,

Sarehole Mill Museum, Soho House Museum, Soho House Museum, Aston Hall ,Black Country Museum, Lapworth Museum of Geology, Pen Museum ,The Coffin Works, Selly Manor and The Gas Hall. They are all scattered about Birmingham and you will learn a lot. It’s great if your into history and learning new things.

Go to Cadbury World in Bourneville and have a self-guided tour and learn all about the history of chocolate, take a ride and try some warm chocolate. It’s great for a family day out with younger children.

Visit Canon Hill park in Edgbaston it’s a free public park with the Mac theatre and a lake. You can take a boat ride or play tennis. It’s great for a fun day out of feeding the ducks, playing on the swings and taking a break from the city life. It’s nice to have 120acres of land(park) so close to the city. Or try Sutton Park, Lickey Hills or Clent Hills.

Botanical Gardens is a nice place to visit again with smaller children it covers 16acres and has greenhouses of exotic plants. You can find all different types of birds, plants and butterflies. The grounds are very well look after with a restaurant and play area for children.

Dudley Zoo is another fun trip in Dudley. They have 940 animals over 40acres of land. But if you prefer to stay seated you can always try the West Midlands Safari Park. That’s suitable for all ages you drive around and feed the animals and after there are a few rides. It’s really fun especially as you’re in the comfort of your own car and if it’s raining you don’t get wet. Be warned the monkeys are known to jump on the roof.

Going for a drink in Birmingham is always a good idea, you have so many places to choose from. If you go to Birmingham city centre: Broad street is a long road with clubs but it attracts a chavy crowd, Arcadian is in china town which has a nice crowd and its dressy, or you have Brindley Place which is bars overlooking the canal. Then you have Harborne which is a suburb and Moseley, my favourite. Moseley is very quirkily and you can find everything their it has a bohemian feel.

Visit Birmingham Library, its free and enormous with our very own rooftop garden where you can read a book or take photos as most people do. You can also use a computer in the library for free of charge which is a nice idea. I think the library layout looks like something out of Harry Potter.

Watch a show at the hippodrome or symphony hall.

Admire Birmingham Cathedral and the town hall. This will take you literally 10 seconds but at least you can say you’ve seen them both.

Go on a food journey, We have the famous Balti triangle on Ladypool road which is where the first Balti was made. In different areas in Birmingham you can find different things. Birmingham has many restaurants to offer but also has lots of street food events. Digbeth dining club is very popular which is delicious street food and happens bi weekly in Digbeth and Moseley so don’t miss that.

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