5 Must Haves for any Bonfire Party

Bonfire night, another excuse to have friends over for food, drinks and fireworks. But of course I'm not setting the fireworks off you must be crazy id have burnt eyelashes. Thank god the boys came to the rescue although they did nearly take out the neighbours and we all had to run for cover and set off a fountain too close to where we were sitting so the fireworks landed on us. The toasted marshmallows were a success as everyone only seemed to want 2 marshmallows each so the rest were for me. I don't like marshmallows but when toasted on the open fire I can't get enough of them. It rained, we knew it would - it is England after all....

But anyway the main part, 5 things you must do at every Bonfire Party!

  • Provide the typical bonfire food which is hot dogs, burgers, chestnuts, hot soup, candy floss, sweets and deep fried chips. The food you would buy at a bonfire party event. Then make sure to buy marshmallows and popcorn to cook over the bonfire itself (or a log burner)
  • Get sparklers from pound land or online. Everyone no matter what age loves sparklers, there cute and fun.
  • Hot chocolate is needed to keep warm, or even better hot chocolate with Baileys!
  • Buy fireworks and have your own display including the best Katherine wheel. Aldi sell really good fireworks which aren't too expensive
  • Tell horror stories around the fire, if you don't have a fire sit in a circle. 
Oh and it goes without saying you need bonfire cups,plates and cutlery everything to be brought from my favourite shop. Pound land. Don't forget a good bonfire playlist too for background music!

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