First shop

So its actually come to the point where I now need to start buying bits and bobs for our adventure which is going to begin in 50 days, yes 50 days. Time is flying.

So I went into Birmingham which is very rare for me and I can see why. I hated it, and I hate shopping unless its online. So Primark and home it is. 

I brought some fab clear toiletry holders the set was £4. A foldable extra large bag £7, a gorgeous floral bag for £9. Toothbrushes for 75p, a phone power pack £6 and a headband for £1. Then I went to super drug to get some makeup for travelling cheap and cheerful.
I've used the collection bronzer and mua highlighter before there really good and for £3 its a bargain.

I am hopefully going to buy bits and bobs every other week!

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