Dubai and Couples

I was thinking it, and I'm pretty sure you may have also thought it. What's it like travelling to Dubai as a couple as your not allowed to show affection or hold hands in public.....Them days are over!

Ok so yeah you cant show affection or hold hands but who wants to anyway its too hot for that. Joking. So jokes aside. Dubai is filled of couples, some married and some not. If your married you can hold hands if you aren't you can walk side by side no problems. When people back home who haven't really explored and travelled think of Dubai they think of a very strict country. Its not like that. People were whatever clothes they like, you can drink alcohol and go clubbing. The industry thrives off tourism. 

Its fine to travel as a couple. The only thing I would suggest is to check with your hotel if you can share the same room. The expensive hotels are different there use to un married couples but as budget backpackers the cheaper hotels can sometimes be a tad difficult as we were stopped and asked for Proof of our hotel and when I explained we have a room together the security guard wouldn't allow it until he rang the hotel...but I'm 99% sure this was due to higher security as it was New years eve

I would recommend Dubai to anyone as you have everything here to experience together.  The fancy beach parties/pool parties to amazing nightlife. Local traditional Arab restaurants or the desert safari. Brunches or Marina strolls. Markets, Souks or Shopping malls or any flavour of shisha currently possible. 

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