First stop - Dubai.

We booked a flight from Stansted, London to Istanbul Turkey then from Istanbul to Dubai. The cheapest flight possible. It was a long day, 18 hours of travelling to be precise. But so worth it when you step off the plane and feel the warm air on your body even at night and were here for New Years eve!!

I like the warm dewy sticky type of heat. It suits me best. I like heat but cant handle extreme heat so Dubai which is currently 27/28’c is perfect. The evenings are cooler then expected and of course I didn't bring any warm clothes.

Were backpacking so were on a budget. We have set ourselves £200 limit for 4 days. I hope we can stick to it. Dubai isn't that expensive as such its only if you like the party lifestyle. The sight seeing is free and you can spend ages walking around just staring at the buildings and other cool man made things.

There are public beaches which again are free. The best public beach is Jumeriah Beach which has free beach Wi-Fi too! You can get to Jumeriah Beach using the Metro. Take the Metro to Dubai Marina, then get the tram to Jumeriah Beach residence 2 and walk. 

Were staying in the Easy Hotel  which of course is a mile away in the middle of no where with the locals (JEBEL ALI). But me being me, the google queen I knew the metro was close by. If your on a budget the hotel is decent. Probably the best hotel were going to sleep in for a while. The room is small but your own with towels and Wi-Fi which is charged. You have your own private bathroom and air con. What else do you need?  Easy Hotel is the last stop on the metro - UAE EXCHANGE. It takes about 10 minutes on the metro to Dubai Marina.

A metro all day pass including tram is 22AED which is really good as the Metro is quicker than taxis as there is always loads of traffic. But surprisingly the taxis are also cheaper than back home. 

I thought most people would cover up when strolling around Dubai. But in all tourist areas everyone wears shorts and little dresses just like any other holiday destination. But I tend to wear loose fitting baggy clothing as not only am I comfy but I like to think I'm being respectful. 

Things to do in Dubai if you are on a budget:
  1. Jumeriah Public Beach 
  2. Eat local food, find a local Arab Restaurant (Mall of emirates Al Barsha, at the back near the lulu hyper market).
  3. Barista Beach Club - near Dubai Marina. Free entry, you need ID and cant take food/drink in
  4. Have a look at  Burj Al Arab by using the public beach next door. Great for your “typical” Dubai photographs
  5. Watch the fountain show and see the Burj Khalifa light up at the Mall. 
  6. Go to the marina and see some amazing buildings
  7. Dessert Safari (check groupon for cheap deals)
  8. Brunch (check groupon for cheap deals with pool access) 
  9. Visit the souks
  10.  Go to Dubai Mall and look at the mahusive fish tank. 

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