Restaurant Name: Gusto
Location: 10 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QD
Time Visiting: Early evening

Cost: £££

Catch up dinner date, I don't know whats funnier the fact Grace brought me a photo frame with a photo of  squashed spider on my foot or the fact she has no table manners ever and speaks so posh.

Dinner was lovely we had the set menu which was £20 each for 3 courses. We had Bruschetta and Calamari to start, followed by Salmon and Chicken then Mini Churro type things washed down with lots of Prosecco.The restaurant was busy for a Monday which is always a good sign.

Gusto itself is really nice the restaurant has beautiful pillars outside and the decor inside is simple but as its Christmas time is was decorated brilliant. Christmas reefs with lights filled the window frames, lights in the trees and decorations on the ceiling Everything I like when its christmas time.

I would definitely go back and the food is very reasonable in price.

Food: 6
Atmosphere: 6
Venue: 7

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