Top 5 Websites For Travellers

The Top 5 Websites To Book Flights:

1. Sky Scanner - Which is my personal favourite as you can filter to search for flights ‘everywhere’ and within a month so you can find the best prices on the best dates flying from the nearest airport.
2. Expedia
3. Opodo
4. Air Asia – They fly to everywhere in Asia and sometimes you can get a great deal which is cheaper then generic flight sites as they include the luggage fee.
5. Kayak

The Top 5 Websites To Book Accommodation:

1.Agoda - This is a booking app especially for Asia so it includes alot more accomdation!
2. Booking– This is my personal favourite as you can cancel for free and you can see the rates with no hidden fees. You can compare and book all sorts of accommodation types which range in cost.
4. AirBNB

The Top 5 Blogs For Inspiration:

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