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For all travel vaccination information check out Fit For TravelThe below shows the average prices for travel vaccinations.  From searching online the cheapest place is Boots. But do remember for most vaccines you have to have two doses and the prices listed are per dose. So for example Japanese Encephalitis is £90 a dose so £180 in total. Alternatively check this site out: https://sta.masta.com

Cholera:  spread  through consumption of contaminated water and food. More common during floods and after natural disasters, in areas with very poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water. It would be unusual for travellers to contract cholera if they take basic precautions with food and water and maintain a good standard of hygiene.

Diphtheria:  spread  person to person through respiratory droplets. Risk is higher if mixing with locals in poor, overcrowded living conditions.

Hepatitis A:  spread  through consuming contaminated food and water or person to person through the faecal-oral route. Risk is higher where personal hygiene and sanitation are poor.

Hepatitis B:  spread  through infected blood and blood products, contaminated needles and medical instruments and sexual intercourse. Risk is higher for those at occupational risk, long stays or frequent travel, children (exposed through cuts and scratches) and individuals who may need, or request, surgical procedures abroad.

Japanese Encephalitis:  spread  through the bite of an infected mosquito. This mosquito breeds in rice paddies and mainly bites between dusk and dawn. Risk is higher for long stay travellers to rural areas, particularly if unable to avoid mosquito bites.

Rabies:  spread  through the saliva of an infected animal, usually through a bite, scratch or lick on broken skin. Particularly dogs and related species, but also bats. Risk is higher for those going to remote areas (who may not be able to promptly access appropriate treatment in the event of a bite), long stays, those at higher risk of contact with animals and bats, and children. Even when pre-exposure vaccine has been received, urgent medical advice should be sought after any animal or bat bite.

Tetanus:  spread  through contamination of cuts, burns and wounds with tetanus spores. Spores are found in soil worldwide. A total of 5 doses of tetanus vaccine are recommended for life in the UK. Boosters are usually recommended in a country or situation where the correct treatment of an injury may not be readily available.

Typhoid:  spread  mainly through consumption of contaminated food and drink. Risk is higher where access to adequate sanitation and safe water is limited.


Malaria is widespread in many tropical and subtropical countries and is a serious and sometimes fatal disease. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria, but you can protect yourself against this disease using the A, B, C, D, E approach to prevention which stands for:

Awareness of risk (Find out if there is a risk of malaria in the country)

Bite Prevention (Wearing loose long-sleeved clothing, Spray repellent, Sleep with a mosquito net)

Chemoprophylaxis (taking malaria prevention tablets)

Diagnosis and prompt treatment (seek medical attention urgently as the most serious forms of disease can become life-threatening within 24 hours)

Emergency Standby Treatment for Malaria (If you’re going to an area without a hospital take standby treatment)

Please be aware the below are for the destinations we travelled to. For example in India its mainly low risk but if you look online on the map certain areas are high risk but the majority are low risk. 

To find out specifics - please scroll down and look at the country malaria maps.

Prices for medication can be found on this website. 
Doxycycline is the cheapest tablet and can be taken in all countries

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  1. MyHep LVIR Tablet is a combination medicine used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C infection. This medicine should be used with extreme caution in patients with a known history of hepatitis B infection due to the increased risk of serious adverse reactions. Take this medicine in the dose and duration as prescribed by your doctor.


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