Wine Tasting

So on Saturday 9th December we tried out something new Wine Tasting at Drinks Emporium which is just near Matalan in Birmingham.

We found the deal on Groupon and were good to go. Typical the weekend we chose it was snowing which is un heard off for United Kingdom. But we still managed to arrive, slightly late but we got there in one piece. Everyone in our group was lovely and very welcoming.

There was 12 people in the group and then the master of the wine. We had Marc he was great. I was suprised that I was actually getting into this and I've learned a few tips. We tried 3 white wines and 4 red wines. Thank god no rose as I hate rose.

1. You smell the wine
2. You swirl the wine to activate the wine
3. You taste the wine several times as you need to climatise to the wine

When drinking wine the lower the percent the sweeter the wine. The higher the percent the more alcohol and the drier the wine. But you can get fruit dry wines. To tell if a wine is dry or not when you taste it its strong and then after your mouth goes drier and you can feel saliva entering your mouth. Try it.

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