A day trip to the capital - Manila

We did it. We travelled to Manila capital of Philippines from Baclaram. We are staying in Paranquey, Moon walk a residential area for 3 days until we fly to Palawan which is a beautiful island to the west. The restaurant waiter told us to get a taxi if we were travelling to the centre. But traffic over here is ridiculous and expensive. So we took it upon ourselves to make our own cheaper way there.

To get to Manila we walked for a good 20 minuets to the main road and then took a local bus and believe me when I say they are small - they are small. I hit my head several times as when you walk/slide through its about 3meters high. The local buses are 10pesos long haul per person. You honestly feel like the driver of the bus has your life in their hands as the traffic and congestion is beyond this world. We got off at Baclaram which is market central its so busy and has a funny smell.

 From Baclaram we caught the train which was so busy with locals it was a cool experience. The train from Baclaram (last stop) to Central Manila is 20pesos. Now we had finally arrived in Manila but we didn't have a plan or any idea of what we wanted to do. So we walked a bit, walked some more looked at the street food and walked again. Then we had a brain wave lets go the museum so we made our way there then once inside we were bored after several minuets so we used the bathroom and decided now would be a good time to eat. To the shopping mall we went, the food court.

We had a look around there were several restaurants to choose from but eventually we chose (Mang Inasal ) the busiest restaurant and we were so pleased we did as the food was great and again cheap. Then we hitched a lift from a man with a bike and cart and haggled for a one way journey for 60peso for both of us to the San Augustin church without realising someone was getting married and we tried to gate-crash that didn't go to plan. That was the end off our day we had, had enough. Back home we went, eager to find out how many steps we had walked.  Wow 22 thousand steps no wonder I slept that night like a baby!

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