Accomadation in El Nido

Accommodation in El Nindo, Palawan.

- Alexus Backpackers 

Yes you guessed it budget accommodation it is. Which is such a lifestyle change for me. I have never stayed anywhere so budget before setting off for travelling. 

But if you want to make the money last and see the world cheap and crappy rooms it is. You only sleep there anywhere! 

To start we have a cold shower but we expected that its refreshing to say the least.  But our first room in  Alexus Backpackers In El Nindo the ceiling was leaking and as we had a bunk bed we thought oh god what about if the wall caves in and we die squashed between the wall and bottom bunk bed..

So we have changed rooms to another this time no bunk bed just a double bed with no mirror and a toilet that didn't work until someone fixed it this morning. 

The room is small, damp, has a nest of flies and has air conditioning. The room is also in the centre of El Nido and the cheapest room on booking.

We are paying £15 a night for us both which includes tax too. 

Day 4 and we have left Alexus backpackers. There is only so much you can take and we had took it all. Luckily we asked around and found a room on the same road a few houses down. Bigger room, HOT SHOWER, breakfast included, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a open area. BINGO we had found our new room. 

- Casa Carlota Pension
1200 piso a night which was 200 more but includes breakfast and before we were paying 400 for breakfast so we do actually save some money and have a better place to sleep.

Note to myself and everyone reading this:
Only book one night online (booking/trivago/expedia) so you can dump your stuff ad get out ad about without wasting time. 
But after the first night ask the other hotels/hostels as guaranteed there will be a local cheaper one which isn't online. 

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